We’ve been Greenlit, woot!


That’s right, we’ve been Greenlit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (You can’t see me now but I’m doing my “We’ve been Greenlit” dance)

So that’s awesome 🙂  Now we just have to get to our Kickstarter goal!  Its three weeks in and we’re two thirds funded.   U shaped curve be damned, I’m getting a little nervous!


The campaign has 8 days left and we’ve got a little over $10000 to raise. There’s a lot of work to be done, we’re posting and tweeting and emailing and generally spreading the word across the internet like tomato sauce across a thin-crust pizza base.   Wish us luck!

Oh, and this week Sidekick is giving us a 95% chance of success, but Kicktraq is convinced we’ll fall just short of our goal o.O  Remember, future kickstarters, Kickstarter Predictors are confusing, capricious, and generally NOT YOUR FRIEND!