Trademark License Agreement Stamp Duty

  • December 19, 2020
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A licensing agreement is a document that is exported between two or more parties and proves the terms of such a contractual license. The granting of a trademark licence is only a procedure by which the legal right to use the trademark is granted subject to the conditions contained in the licence mark. … Increased value and maintenance of the future right to long-term capital gain, although the transfer of u/s 2 (47) packages took place in accordance with the registered contract and stamp duty paid by the purchaser,2. … Agreement of 1.8.2008. The duration of the rental is three years. The agreement is signed between the expert and Shri Chetan R. Shah (Chetan). During the duration of this license agreement, the 6.1.2009….

2.70,000/- were paid after the end of the license agreement. In these facts, AO considered the date of the agreement for sale namely 6.1.2009 is irrelevant date for the calculation of the holding company… … to the provisions of the Maharashtra Stamps Act, which requires that stamp duty be paid by the person executing the instrument. In other words, if the… It is required by law. The credit lender may not have tried to comply with Section 55 and pay stamp duty on leave and the licensing agreement, there is no right. That`s where… whose petition is accompanied by an “Annex A.” 7. We have neglected this initial agreement and we realize that, although it appears on a buffer of Rs. 100/- which…

One of the purposes of licensing is to provide the IP holder with the opportunity to obtain quantifiable sums of money based on the use of these PIs granted by a licensee. The licence fee is the amount of consideration to be awarded to the owner/granter of the IP for the issuance of the licence. The consideration may be a lump sum payment or a continuous periodic payment, also known as royalties or a combination of flat-rate and periodic payments. An IP owner may give another person the right or permission to create, use or sell property or property that embodies ip or is covered by it by a contractual license. A license can apply to any type of IP – trademark, patent, copyright, design and/or know-how. Under license, the donor retains ownership of the IP and the licensee is allowed to use the IP address only in accordance with the terms of the license. Stamp duty refers to a tax on a transaction paid to the state and the tax is levied on the instrument that covers the transaction. Stamp duty must be paid on licence agreements and the rate of stamp duty payable varies from state to state. Before executing a licensing agreement, it is important to understand whether one can benefit from the performance of the licensing agreement in a given state and the use of lower stamp rates. …. The petitioner paid the stamp duty of Article 100/- on the instrument in question (MOU) as a certificate of licence, but the stamp authorities considered this instrument to be an act of rental and…. 33.93,500/-, which will be paid by the petitioner.11.

Qualified legal advisor furthermore that the nature of the contract describes the stamp duty on an instrument and a… Corporation must pay the necessary stamp duty on this instrument, as it is a lease agreement.