Meet the Team – Bert

Name:  Bert Position:  Main Videogame Character Age:  Depressingly middle-aged Hobbies: Watching sport, Snacking, Sitting down Super Powers: None… for now. Our latest introduction features a team member who hasn’t done a lot of code or art or sound but has been an essential part of the “Run Fatty Run” experience. Meet Bert, our lead videogame character. Bert spends his days office-bound tending to bland yet stressful middle management. He is

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Intra-office Communication

For those of you wanting a glimpse inside the inner-workings of a professional Videogames Studio we present this demonstration of intra office communication. No employees were harmed during the filming of this video. At least, not permanently.

Meet the Team – Alia Stark

Name:  Alia Stark Position:  Assistant Designer Specialities:  Psychology, Biochemistry, EVIL Alia has been a part of the game industry for 12 years since she was a key focus tester for the Australian 3D Platformer, “Ty the Tasmanian Tiger”. Growing up surrounded by game developers she saw first hand the financial security and work satisfaction a career in video games brings. Naturally, this provided strong motivation to study really, really hard at school

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