Strategic Partnership Agreement In Uae

  • December 18, 2020
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The signing of the declaration means that the two countries are committed to developing their bilateral relations within the framework of a fruitful strategic partnership in all areas of common interest. The partnership follows the concerns of UAE representatives and the Greek authorities about Turkey`s interference in the region. “The peace agreement between the Vae and Israel is a historic event. Industry leaders in both countries have long been waiting to trade freely with each other,” said Raz Chorev of CWS Israel. “We are proud to partner with THE UNITED ARABES EMIRATAS to promote our support for peace and prosperity in the Middle East. We allow organizations to expand their operations and expand their presence in other countries. Our expertise in the country allows us to do this effectively and effectively. 3. help to intensify cultural and humanitarian exchanges, including the opening of cultural and information centres in both countries, following the development and signing of an intergovernmental agreement to this effect. The agreement was reached after the UAE company delegation visited Israel in October 2020 following the peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel to promote cooperation and strategic partnerships between the two countries, Al Darei said, noting that the company`s delegation met with representatives of Israeli companies active in agriculture , water and technology. “The agreement aims to establish a strategic partnership between the two parties to provide air water and add a renewable source of clean water, suitable for human and agricultural consumption,” Wam said. A second agreement between Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) on the storage and management of oil at strategic facilities in India has been signed. The agreement aims to establish a framework for the storage of crude oil by ADNOC in India and further strengthen strategic energy relations between the two countries.

The workshop agenda is part of an official visit by a high-level Uzbek government delegation to the United Arab Emirates, which aims to activate a strategic partnership between the two countries through the exchange of government knowledge and experience. The new partnership will include “convergence on regional issues of mutual interest” and confrontation of “common challenges that threaten regional and international peace, security and stability,” the state-run WAM news agency said. The United Arab Emirates and Greece are strengthening defence and energy cooperation through a new strategic partnership, announced Wednesday at a high-level meeting. Under the agreement, the two countries have set up 17 expert task forces that intend to launch 57 joint initiatives in 2019 to support the implementation of a business model that will help find solutions to the future challenges facing the Uzbek government.