Sps Agreement Annex A

  • April 13, 2021
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(d) the affiliation and participation of the relevant agencies on its territory in international and regional health and plant health organizations and systems, as well as bilateral and multilateral agreements and arrangements under this agreement, as well as the texts of these agreements and arrangements. 3. This agreement does not infringe on members` rights under other international instruments, including the right to use good offices or dispute resolution mechanisms of other international organizations or that have been established under an international agreement. to support the use of harmonised health and plant health measures among members, based on relevant international standards, guidelines and recommendations, including the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the International Bureau of Epidemics, and relevant international and regional organizations acting within the framework of the International Convention on the Protection of Plants, without members being asked to change their level of adequate human protection. , animal or plant life or health; 11. Nothing in this agreement should be construed as requiring: (a) to inform other members without delay, through the secretariat, the regulations and the products covered, briefly specifying the purpose and justification of the regulation, including the nature of the urgent problems; 7. The Committee reviews the progress and implementation of this agreement three years after the WTO agreement came into force and thereafter, as required. If necessary, the Committee on The Trade in Goods may present proposals to the Council to amend the text of this agreement, taking into account, among other things, the experience gained in its implementation. (d) give other members, without discrimination, the time necessary to make their submissions in writing, review these submissions on request and take into account the observations and results of the discussions. 1. In order to harmonize health and plant health measures on as broad a basis as possible, members rely on international standards, guidelines or recommendations for their sanitary or plant health measures, unless otherwise, provided that this agreement, including paragraph 3, provides otherwise.