Set your Pizza Tracker


Clear your calendars, hold onto your hats and get ready to make some noise because Ninja Pizza Girl is releasing on Steam this Wednesday 30th September! (7pm Aussie time, Extremely early Wednesday morning pretty much everywhere else).

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our amazing game developer friends the game is everything we dreamt and more!  The visual effects look great, the sound effects sound great and the story even has an ending 😀

Our youngest child was an adorable toddler when we started work on Ninja Pizza Girl. Now she has her own game ideas (and Princess Fairy Spy-Pirates has real potential). Raven was 15, an amazing artist but miserable at school. Now she’s a happy uni student, making friends and learning about things she’s passionate about. I think she even eats vegetables most days.

Jason and I have a few more grey hairs and a little more game-dev paunch than we’d like, but we’ve had three great years working together to create something we’re very very proud of.  

We hope you like it!

On Wednesday, it would really help if in between dodging ninjas and and having refreshing cups of tea you let the world know that the greatest pizza-delivering platform game of all time has arrived and is ready to play here. The Disparity team fully endorses Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagrams and yelling loudly on street corners to let the world know how awesome Ninja Pizza Girl is.

Steam reviews really heaps so after completing your A+ rating, collecting the last piece of salvage and unlocking the final achievement why not click that little review button and let the Steam community know what a great time you had.

Thanks <3