Ninja Pizza Girl

Ninja Pizza Girl is a serious game about self-esteem, bullying and resilience – and pizza delivering ninjas!  Its deeply-woven story follows Gemma, a sixteen-year-old girl working as a pizza delivery ninja for her father’s independent Pizzeria. In a world where slums teeter on top of skyscrapers, where powerful mega-corporations exploit the poor and where quality pizza is hard to come by, Gemma must fight to keep her ideals, her family and their business intact in face of the most merciless enemies known to any teenage girl – other teenagers.

Ninja Pizza Girl. For Honour. For Family. For Pizza.

Out now on XBox One, PS4, WiiU, Steam and iOS.

“Disparity Games’ lovely Ninja Pizza Girl is probably the best game about being a good person which also includes ninjas, parkour, and pizza”

“…it’s a game that will leave you feeling like you want to be a better person to those around you, those who need help. To be a voice of the voiceless. And that in itself is an incredible achievement.” XBoxology

“Ninja Pizza Girl’ Is a Surprisingly Awesome Family Project” Touch Arcade

 “Deftly tackling bullying, self awareness and self acceptance, not to mention the challenge of keeping a pizza hot, Ninja Pizza Girl is a beautiful and important game.” – Rhianna Pratchett

“Ninja Pizza Girl is a beautifully presented, challenging-but-not-brutal platformer that delivers not only pizza, but important messages about self-worth and bullying. Any young people in your lives—and you!—need this game!” – Karin Weekes