Ninja Pizza Girl at PAX Aus

Ninja Pizza Girl at PAX Aus

On the 19th July 2013, with much trepidation we unveiled Ninja Pizza Girl to the world at PAX Aus and it was…

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We met so many incredible people at PAX whose positivity buoyed the entire family. Their feedback and advice will prove invaluable as we continue making Ninja Pizza Girl.

Our T-shirt competitions were a hit. The ladies sizes in particular were hotly contested. Our badges were seen being worn all over the show floor with the ever-popular, “No Pants, No Pizza” badge running out half way through day 3.

We talked to quite a few very nice journalists who were keen to hear about our little family team and the game we’re making. We ended up getting some really good write-ups so thanks to all the press who stopped by to chat.

The little kids had a great time and are already looking forward to the next one. Everything going to plan, we’ll be back to release Ninja Pizza Girl at Pax Aus 2014.