Meet the Team – Jason Stark

Name:  Jason Stark
Position:  Co-Director
Age:  Terribly, terribly old
Special skills:  Talking underwater

Jason Stark began his game career proper at Krome Studios in January 2000.  On his first day he discovered a company with exposed wall wiring, an insufficient number of PC’s and files being passed from user to user via floppy disc.  His smartest career move ever was resisting the overpowering urge to immediately leap out the window.  He therefore credits his long and productive time at Krome to the fact that their office was originally on the second floor.

After 15 years of mostly gainful employment, Jason Stark didn’t leave the Brisbane games industry – the Brisbane games industry left him.  Following the near-total collapse of local development he boldly set forth towards the nearest beach and formed his own studio.  Today he is happily working on original IP videogames with his wife in Noosa.  If there is an existance better than this, he doesn’t want to know about it.

His dream is to help re-grow the Queensland games industry by helping talented locals find success as indie game developers – just as soon as he figures out how to do it himself.