Meet the Team – Alia Stark

Name:  Alia Stark
Position:  Assistant Designer
Specialities:  Psychology, Biochemistry, EVIL

Alia has been a part of the game industry for 12 years since she was a key focus tester for the Australian 3D Platformer, “Ty the Tasmanian Tiger”. Growing up surrounded by game developers she saw first hand the financial security and work satisfaction a career in video games brings. Naturally, this provided strong motivation to study really, really hard at school and become a Psychologist.

Despite her determination to get a real job, she combined her love of social evolutionary theory, her understanding of human behaviour and above all her unremitting capacity for EVIL to form the underlying premise of Disparity Games’ first game title. In short, “Run Fatty Run” is her idea.

What began as her proposal to cheaply and effectively solve western society’s obesity crisis has metamorphosed into an original game concept for mobile platforms. Since then, Alia has always been on hand to offer game design solutions that are original, entertaining and always EVIL. It’s a little too early to be giving away spoilers but let’s just say that Run Fatty Run’s unique representation of a finishing line was also her idea.

Alia pondering how best to help
society become a better place.
Alia deciding upon the use of tigers.