Bl Fretado Ou As Per Agreement

  • April 8, 2021
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There is no obligation to mention in the B/L the amount of freight to be paid. It can be replaced by the freight provided by the agreement clause. However, the location of the freight payment must be mentioned. Freight by appointment: it is used if you do not want to display the values and freight charges in the BL. This means that the freight is applied “as agreed.” Knowledge of transport independently of the modal serves to officially render the contract for the operation of international transport, to prove the receipt of the original cargo, in addition to the obligation to deliver it to the destination, proof of possession and ownership of the goods. . The tradables are delivered to the exporter or shipper, who must submit them to the bank to obtain the amount specified in the credit guarantee. The documents are then sent to the importer in order to remove the goods. In fact, there are many advantages in the use of shipping for export as the highest capacity, the lowest costs and the ability to load all types of goods. However, certain procedures must be followed in order to protect all parties involved. In this context, Lading`s bill deserves special attention.

Loading, stowing, weight and counting of the sender: this clause is inserted into the BL by the shipowner or loading agent. This means that the responsibility for filling, counting and weighing goods was that of the exporter. The data contained in this information must be consistent with the information contained in the trade invoice and other documents in the export or import process. – Container number – container type /container type (z.B. 40`HC, 20`DC) – Containertare/Tara containers (depending on the information may be omitted) – Sealed/Seals – Gross weight /Gross weight (goods – packaging) – Measure / Cubic material – Net weight / Net weight (net weight (net goods (goods without packaging) – (according to the BL cannot be available) In addition to the proof of shipment, there is also a document that serves as the basis for clearance. Its correct expenditure is essential for the proper progress of the evacuation, in addition to avoiding additional costs with its correction. Non-negotiable copies serve only as a source of information to all the agents involved – because they do not allow the withdrawal of the cargo or the receipt of such sums.