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  • April 8, 2021
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In our experience, you may need to offer some important items if they are not raised by the group. Just ask people: if you are working with a group that is working on a long-term project or working over a long period of time, it is advisable to spend a little more time developing a long-term group agreement. If you take more time to decide on a group agreement, it can sometimes be a little frustrating, but the more time you spend at the beginning of the process, the more problems will be stored later. Together, we know a lot. We want to honor the fact that the group has wisdom, and the answers are in space. Anyone can be an expert. To achieve this, we can be curious and respectful of each other. Some measures to achieve this may be to promote issues rather than assumptions and to allow everyone in the space to manage. 5. Respectful listening – involves the expectation that the group will listen carefully to someone who shares and that only one person will speak at a time. Once you have used questions to draw different ideas from the group members, be sure to go through the list one by one and discuss further in order to get a better understanding and more clarification.

Discuss how these ideas can be used for the workshop. If you have your group agreement, make sure it`s displayed for everyone – ideally, have it written on a whiteboard, paperboard or overhead projector. You may be afraid that people will disagree, which is why many people use “basic rules.” Ironically, and unsurprisingly, the presentation of rules can trigger exactly the behavior of the people we are afraid of because this idea is unconsciously spreading throughout the group. Trust the group! The first group is not the only time you talk about agreements, and it is good practice to expect agreements to be broken and prepare for those discussions. In more chaotic situations (larger classes, a lot of interruption, etc.), you may need to activate the chords in one or more groups. It is best to consider yourself as a living organism that can be sensitized at any time. That`s why I insist on the group replay technique when I present chords for the first time, because it`s a great way to reset a lot of energy and put the group in a calm state where we can remind them of the chords. On the other hand, group chords in a very short time can help you create a group`s culture, and at the same time, by doing your moderator work, you can show people how safe you feel. If you have additions to your project teams or working groups, take the time to explain the group agreement with them and allow them to propose improvements. This can be done during the break or at the beginning of the workshop as an icebreaker. If you want to include something in the agreement, you should have an interview with the whole group until an agreement is reached. 6.

Emotions happen – recognizes that people may experience emotions such as injury, sadness, boredom or anger at some point in the group. An agreement in this area shows respect and opens the door for people to express their feelings. You can add others, z.B. no phones during the group or no rumbling, depending on our context. Just think about coming up with a casual phrase of ideas and getting to a few with the kids in the group. Whatever tools we use, we want to make agreements in which people learn together what they need to learn in the most open and secure way possible. Second, it is important to develop a list of agreements with your group rather than participating in pre-formed agreements that you have not developed.