Acceptable Use Agreement

  • April 8, 2021
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Rewriting a directive of acceptable use from scratch is now very tedious and, frankly, unnecessary. Why not be one step ahead with a model? You can find a lot online for free. Below are some examples of acceptable use and models to consider: An acceptable use policy sets rules for the use of the business network and devices. This protects your business from dangerous behaviour and makes offenders responsible. Computer and information departments and other academic departments that operate and maintain computers, network systems and servers expect that an acceptable level of performance will be maintained and must ensure that inappropriate, excessive or inappropriate use of resources by one person or a small number of people does not affect the performance of others. The campus network, computer clusters, email servers and other centralized computing resources are widespread and limited, so resources need to be taken into account with other resources they also use. Therefore, the use of automated processes to gain a technical advantage over others in the Brown community is expressly prohibited. Follow our guide to develop a robust policy for acceptable use for businesses. We recommend that you work with your management or management team to determine the acceptable consequences. Consider the difference in the severity of the different offences. And make sure you are able to respond to these guidelines. In the absence of a standardized application, your UPA will not be taken seriously.

Be sure to include review tracking to track any changes you`ve made. And don`t forget that employees sign the new directive for acceptable use during the update. This is the first step in a three-step process to access Indiana University`s databases and applications. Before you start, you need an IU computer account. Employees must also have their documents processed through the services of university staff before the agreement can be concluded. If your authorized use policy has been verified, approved and distributed, each staff member must sign a copy of the document. If a directive is breached, you can hold the offender to account. In some cases, UPA documents are referred to as a directive on the internet and e-mail, the internet UP, the network`s UPA or the directive on the use of acceptable information technologies. These documents, although they have different names, provide guidance on the behaviours accepted by users of the local/Internet network connected by the local network. Most UPR documents focus on the section detailing unacceptable uses of the network, as reported in the University of Chicago`s AUP. Unacceptable behaviours include the development and transmission of offensive behaviour, obscene or indecent material or images, the creation and transmission of material intended to cause trouble, inconvenience or fear, the creation of defamatory material, the creation and transmission that violates another person`s copyright, the transmission of unsolicited advertising or advertising material, and unauthorized deliberate access to other services accessible via the network/Internet connection.

Then there is the type of activity that the network uses to waste time on technical staff to solve a problem for which the user is causing, damaging or destroying other users` data, violating the privacy of others online, using the network to deny service to others, continuing to use software or other system for which the user has already been warned, and any other network abuses such as the introduction of viruses.