A new challenger appears…

Hello world, we are Disparity Games – a small but perfectly formed team currently consisting of Jason Stark (better known as Starky), Nicole Stark (better known as Cole) and however many of our daughters we can con into working for us. (Don’t underestimate the power of making your own dev team.)

We make games.

Actually we’ve made them for a while now, over a decade. But now we’re going Indie and making our own games like we’ve always wanted to.

We hope you like them.

Our current project is a bold, insightful and deeply, deeply serious examination of contemporary Western excess called “Run Fatty Run”. The premise centres around the first Australian president’s rather unorthodox plan to end obesity. Large, stripey, hungry felines are involved. The player controls a gentleman of size trying desperately to survive the ensuing social chaos. The game features fat people, tigers, old ladies, steep hills and copious amounts of junk food. It’s based on an original idea by our eldest daughter who is a lovely girl but perhaps a tiny bit evil.

Run Fatty Run will be released on iOS in March 2012.