Disparity Games featured on Kotaku Australia

By Jason|June 28, 2012|Meet the Team, Press|

The talented Mark Serrels has written a feature on us on Kotaku Australia. I highly recommend checking it out. He makes us sound waaaaay cooler than we really are. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/06/the-family-that-built-a-video-game-together/

Meet the Team – Bert

By Jason|January 27, 2012|Meet the Team, Run Fatty Run|

Name:  Bert Position:  Main Videogame Character Age:  Depressingly middle-aged Hobbies: Watching sport, Snacking, Sitting down Super Powers: None… for now. Our latest introduction features a team member who hasn’t done a lot of code or art or sound but has been an essential part of the “Run Fatty Run” experience. Meet Bert, our lead videogame character. Bert spends his days office-bound tending to bland yet stressful middle management. He is

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Meet the Team – Raven Stark

By Jason|January 13, 2012|Meet the Team|

Name:  Raven Stark Position:  2d artist Age:  Pretty damn young Secret Identity:  Captain Aspsergers Super Powers: Losing school jumpers Raven Stark has relentlessly trained her art skills from a young age using every minute of spare time to hone her abilities. “Spare time”, in this case including meal times, sleeping times and year 8 maths exams. She is aided in her quest for artistic excellence by her uncanny ability to

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Meet the Team – Jason Stark

By Jason|November 25, 2011|Meet the Team|

Name:  Jason Stark Position:  Co-Director Age:  Terribly, terribly old Special skills:  Talking underwater Jason Stark began his game career proper at Krome Studios in January 2000.  On his first day he discovered a company with exposed wall wiring, an insufficient number of PC’s and files being passed from user to user via floppy disc.  His smartest career move ever was resisting the overpowering urge to immediately leap out the window.

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Meet the Team – Nicole Stark

By Jason|November 7, 2011|Meet the Team|

Name:  Nicole Stark Position:  Co-Directer Specialities:  Stealth, Videogame character creation, narrative Nicole Stark entered the games industry during the formative years of Krome Studios working on their first PS2 title, “Sunny Garcia Surfing”. She worked as the entire character department on “Barbie Ice Skating” where, despite being angry, slightly goth and decidedly neurodiverse, she achieved one of her life-long dreams – winning praise for her Barbie costume designs from Mattel

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Meet the Team – Alia Stark

By Jason|October 28, 2011|Meet the Team|

Name:  Alia Stark Position:  Assistant Designer Specialities:  Psychology, Biochemistry, EVIL Alia has been a part of the game industry for 12 years since she was a key focus tester for the Australian 3D Platformer, “Ty the Tasmanian Tiger”. Growing up surrounded by game developers she saw first hand the financial security and work satisfaction a career in video games brings. Naturally, this provided strong motivation to study really, really hard at school

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