Dark Days

By Jason|May 14, 2014|Featured Post, News, Ninja Pizza Girl|

In a terrible day for the Aussie Games industry, the recent federal budget has cut the Screen Australia games fund. According to the information we have, Ninja Pizza Girl is going to be okay but the damage done to the local industry is immense. The Aussie games industry was just recovering from the body blows dealt to it by the GFC. Riding a wave of innovation and creativity, things were

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Post-PAX Press

By Jason|August 14, 2013|Featured Post, Ninja Pizza Girl, Pax, Press|

Post Pax Press Here’s the round-up of all the great press Ninja Pizza Girl and Disparity Games received after PAX Aus. Thanks to all the journalists involved. From the biggest publication to the smallest, you were all super-friendly and great to work with. Penny Arcade Report: The Family that’s making a game and the 16-year-old artist who will never get “good enough” Ben Kuchera talks to us about Ninja Pizza

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Ninja Pizza Girl at PAX Aus

By Jason|August 13, 2013|Featured Post, Ninja Pizza Girl, Pax|

Ninja Pizza Girl at PAX Aus On the 19th July 2013, with much trepidation we unveiled Ninja Pizza Girl to the world at PAX Aus and it was… …AWESOME! We met so many incredible people at PAX whose positivity buoyed the entire family. Their feedback and advice will prove invaluable as we continue making Ninja Pizza Girl. Our T-shirt competitions were a hit. The ladies sizes in particular were hotly

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