Disparity Games
Disparity Games was founded in 2011 by married industry veterans Jason and Nicole Stark. Their family-based company draws upon their twenty years of combined industry experience and the varied skills of their occasionally helpful children. Based in the heart of paradise, Noosa, Australia, their first title, “Run Fatty Run”, is available on iOS and Android.

Jason Stark

Jason Stark is a proud co-founder and co-director of Disparity Games whose first independent title, Run Fatty Run reached number one on the Australian iOS charts. He is currently working on Ninja Pizza Girl which is only at a prototype stage but garnering praise from sites such as Rock Paper Shotgun and the Penny Arcade Report. Disparity Games has also released NTLanguages – Anindilyakwa which won the 2013 ALIA NT Recognition Award.

Jason is a veteran of the games industry with over 15 years of experience and 11 shipped game titles. Notable game credits as Art Director include Happy Feet 2, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole and Viva Piñata: Party Animals, which was included in the Xbox360 family games pack and won an Australian industry for best art.

He has worked on titles with budgets exceeding ten million dollars with IP holders and publishers such as Rare, Animal Logic, Kennedy Mitchel Miller, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft. During his time working as art director at Krome Studios he maintained an unblemished reputation for producing quality visuals on spec, on time and on budget.

He has developed games for the PS1, PS2, Original Xbox, Gamecube, PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PC, iOS and Android. His skill set includes art direction, project management, games coding, shader creation, character animation, texture painting, polygon modelling, games design and creative writing.


Nicole Stark

Nicole Stark has worked in the games industry since the nineteen hundreds. She was one of the first female developers in Brisbane, and is passionate about encouraging more girls to make and play games.

Nicole was a Lead Animator on Barbie’s Sparkling Ice Show and Jimmy Neutron, Jet Fusion. She also worked on all three Ty the Tasmanian Tiger games.

From 2006 to 2010 Nicole took a break from the industry to have children, during which time she ran a successful photography and graphic design business. She was a sole operator of Pretty Pictures, responsible for everything from the creative to the mundane – photography, graphic design, sales and marketing, accounts and business management.

In 2011 Nicole, her husband Jason and their four daughters moved to Noosa and formed Disparity Games. Their first title, Run Fatty Run, reached number one in the Australian iOS charts, and is generally described as “weird but wonderful”. They have also released NTLanguages – Anindilyakwa, a bilingual literacy tool produced for the Northern Territory Library in collaboration with the community linguists of Groote Eylandt Linguistics. NTLanguages won the 2013 ALIA NT Recognition Award and has in substantial ways improved communication between english and Anindilyakwa speakers.

Nicole is currently working on Ninja Pizza Girl which is currently in early production but already garnering praise from sites such as Rock Paper Shotgun and the Penny Arcade Report.


Raven Stark

Raven is the gifted teenager responsible for the beloved comic book sequences in Disparity’s first game, “Run Fatty Run”. Since then her talents and responsibilities have continued to grow becoming a key member of the Disparity team.

On Ninja Pizza Girl she is working on character concept art, promotional materials and of course, more comic book sequences.


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