Meet the Team – Jason Stark

Name:  Jason Stark
Position:  Co-Director
Age:  Terribly, terribly old
Special skills:  Talking underwater

Jason Stark began his game career proper at Krome Studios in January 2000.  On his first day he discovered a company with exposed wall wiring, an insufficient number of PC’s and files being passed from user to user via floppy disc.  His smartest career move ever was resisting the overpowering urge to immediately leap out the window.  He therefore credits his long and productive time at Krome to the fact that their office was originally on the second floor.

After 15 years of mostly gainful employment, Jason Stark didn’t leave the Brisbane games industry – the Brisbane games industry left him.  Following the near-total collapse of local development he boldly set forth towards the nearest beach and formed his own studio.  Today he is happily working on original IP videogames with his wife in Noosa.  If there is an existance better than this, he doesn’t want to know about it.

His dream is to help re-grow the Queensland games industry by helping talented locals find success as indie game developers – just as soon as he figures out how to do it himself.

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  1. Melissa Chapman prev Shield says:

    Well hello. I have often thought of you guys, hoping all was well. At last I have tracked you down! Not that hard when you look it seems. I don’t know what to say now. Maybe that Noosa was one of the last places I would have expected you to be. Take care Melissa Chapman (Shield)

  2. Reece Kyle Casey says:

    Hi Jason, my name is Reece I am a 27 year old Game Developer in the making (from SE QLD) studying a Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games and 3D Media through Evocca College. Its an 18 month course and I love it!!
    I have the rest of this year to finish this Diploma but its only a small step towards the rewarding career I am pursuing solely due to my passion for the game development industry.

    I don’t want a job I want to work for free under any capacity from game testing to keeping the toilets clean, the coffee jar stocked and if there is time during the day I will take any mentoring I can get.
    I plan to spend the next three decades building my skills in every area except programming although I would love to learn programming I am more into game design and game art, level/environment design.

    The Diploma with Evocca is broad and I could not afford Quantm or JMC but I am happy with the mobile game development side of the course and it is design heavy with programming thrown in and a little bit of an art component.

    The average household gamer is a few years older than me but I confess I have played nearly every console and portable gaming device including the majority of titles since I was born in 1987 the same year Nintendo Entertainment System was released in only makes sense that Super Mario Bros was the first game I conquered.

    I wont go listing titles, there are far too many. I can commit to 3 days a week minimum and more if you find a use for me. Again I only want to volunteer my time to develop my skills and would love to help out around the studio..

    The real question I have is.. How do you take you’re coffee Jason? =)

    I hope to hear from you or Nicole regarding free help in any capacity.

    Kind Regards


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