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Come play Ninja Pizza Girl at PAX aus


Come play Ninja Pizza Girl at PAX aus


After working very busily for many months we are very happy to offer this first peak at our up and coming new game. Feel free to pop on over to the new Ninja Pizza Girl section here to find some background info, screenshots and the teaser trailer. Keep in mind that these are early days yet and the finished product is guaranteed to contain at least 95% more awesome than what you see here.

And for the very lucky people going to Pax aus in Melbourne, we’ll have a playable demo at Disparity’s own Pax booth.

Run Fatty Run featured on the Samsung App Store

“Run Fatty Run” has been featured by Samsung Australia in their local app store. For all of you with Samsung phones, you can find us in the “What’s Hot” section.

You can find us on the Samsung web store here

A big thanks to the always-friendly, ever-helpful Vanessa from Samsung who was a genuine pleasure to work with during the whole process.

Run Fatty Run available on iOS and Android


After a long week of leaving Android phone users out in the cold, Disparity Games is pleased to redress the balance with the release of Run Fatty Run onto the Google Play store.

Grab it for your Android on Google Play here
On the Samsung store here
Or for your iOS device on the App Store here

Run Fatty Run live on the App Store

Disparity Games is proud to announce the official release of its premier title, “Run Fatty Run” on the iOS platform.

Download “Run Fatty Run” from iTunes

Run Fatty Run Release Date Anounced(ish)

Run Fatty Run is receiving the very last bits of spit and polish from the Disparity team and will be heading off to the App Store for submission within the next couple of days.  Due to the variable nature of App Store review we can’t yet give an exact date but keep an eye out during the first week of July.

Run Fatty Run Final Screenshots Released


While you count down the days to Run Fatty Run’s imminent App Store release, why not enjoy this fine selection of gameplay screenshots?

A new challenger appears…

Hello world, we are Disparity Games – a small but perfectly formed team currently consisting of Jason Stark (better known as Starky), Nicole Stark (better known as Cole) and however many of our daughters we can con into working for us. (Don’t underestimate the power of making your own dev team.)

We make games.

Actually we’ve made them for a while now, over a decade. But now we’re going Indie and making our own games like we’ve always wanted to.

We hope you like them.

Our current project is a bold, insightful and deeply, deeply serious examination of contemporary Western excess called “Run Fatty Run”. The premise centres around the first Australian president’s rather unorthodox plan to end obesity. Large, stripey, hungry felines are involved. The player controls a gentleman of size trying desperately to survive the ensuing social chaos. The game features fat people, tigers, old ladies, steep hills and copious amounts of junk food. It’s based on an original idea by our eldest daughter who is a lovely girl but perhaps a tiny bit evil.

Run Fatty Run will be released on iOS in March 2012.

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